About Us

Soku Creation is a new era company established in 2012 in Jaipur in the state of Rajasthan in India. SOKU is a multi-tasking as well as a multidimensional company that has the quality of manufacturing the wide range of jewelry starting from custom jewelry to manufacturing other beautiful items such as Earrings,pendants,rings, necklace, bracelets and several other items. The company has traditional expertise, perfect technique, large experience, high level of knowledge of several years in regard to the gold, silver and diamond jewellery manufacturing. All these things help us in achieving the high quality of products and unique designs right from ethnic ones to the latest ones. We try to create the designs as per the latest demand of the female of every age- right from baby jewellery to bridal jewellery to day to day wearable's. The company has grown up by leaps and bounds in recent years.

We are absolutely committed to our customers. We have carried out extensive research work and explored all the possibilities of manufacturing techniques. We have gone deep into the details of traditional as well as modern ways and procedures of manufacturing so as to make the gemstones more beautiful to be fitted in the elegant jewellery.

We craft the jewellery with great passion with the help of our highly skilled and experienced designers and artisans. As a matter of fact, jewelry manufacturing is an art, more than a process. Jewellery designing is an art that reflects the inner sense of the designer. Rather, it’s a way to express his feelings, emotions. Our team of experts closely monitor the entire job and ensure that every single piece of the jewellery is immaculately crafted.

We strive to offer a deep value proposition to the customer through best quality products at very low prices.

Soku Creation is the direct source for jewellery Designers and wholesalers who are willing to have their own exclusive collections with best quality at very low prices. We manufacture everything as per the imagination of our customer with best In- House production facilities with well-equipped manufacturing unit for 3D/ Manual designs, Mold making, Casting, Filing, Stone setting, Polishing and Plating (Gold plating, Micron gold plating, Silver plating, Rose gold plating, Black Ruthenium and White Rhodium. We ensure that products of highest quality reach our valued customers timely, thereby earning the satisfaction and trust of our valued customers. Our years of experience, personalized service and competitive prices ensure that you’ll be able to source and create your own line of jewellery to suit your business. We strongly believe in establishing long terms business relationship with our customers.