Our Story

Pieces of the Golden Past

There are many things that make us nostalgic and make our hearts sing, but nothing comes closer to memory than a piece of jewellery. It transcends us where time and space are mere objects of display, we are crawling in this sea of memories, where our ancestors communicate with us. We become a part of something more important than us.

We wanted to change a sheer piece of stone and change it to a memory.Our chemistry with jewels go a long way,we always thought of it as a responsibility to make people aware of their roots. And there could not have been be a better place to start than the Royals of Rajasthan and the Pharaohs of Egypt, they had the panache like no other. Their designs showed the world a glimpse of the future that sprinkled the eyes of the generations to come.

The Golden Beetle conceived in 2012 under the golden wings of Two friends, set out on a journey like none other. They had a vision to rejuvenate the past with a gest of modernity to it, and what better place to get started than Rajasthan! Each piece is handcrafted, using sterling silver and gold after which delicate details are added using semi-precious stones and traditional techniques such as sand casting, hand painting just to name a few. What is the use a jewellery which doesn’t make you revere your beloved ones, that’s what they have focussed all their attention on !With the combined efforts and spirit they have changed the way we look at a piece of gold.

What started as a small seed of idea grew into a huge tree under the attention of these two budding entrepreneurs. The quote “Gold becomes Kundan only after passing through fire” holds true both in subjective and objective prospective. The Golden Beetle has prided itself in making the thing of the past, a dream of tomorrow with its cutting edge and refined jewellery. “All that glitters is not gold” but on The Golden Beetle’s watch that gold is pretty much a style statement.